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Vitech Automation Inc., as the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Yuanwang Automation, is a premier technology company located in Windsor Ontario Canada. We are dedicated to provide advanced industrial automation system solutions worldwide from initial conception, design, fabrication, commission to after sale on site support.



Standard Automation

Various types of automation solutions for plastic fuel tank system including chip less boring & welding machine, part assembly, ultrasonic & helium leakage tester, post cooling machine.

Flexible Robotic Production Line

Flexible automation production line is completely customizble for special-purpose with optimized implementation and increased productivity


Best performance, Most abundant varieties, and Most cost-effective top-notch handlers that complies with all packing modes



  • Vitech Automation, as the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Yuanwang Automation, is a premier technology company dedicated to provide advanced industrial automation system solutions located in Windsor Ontario Canada. Fast lead time and top quality with competative price from building single station machine to multi robots flexible lines are making us the leading company in the industry.

  • Our mission is to build most challenging customized automation equipment that optimize productivity and improve qualities. We always focus on providing industry automation solutions from conception & design, fabrication, quality control, trouble shooting & debugging to on-site customer service.

  • Our product list shows the breath of our capabilities. It contains various types of standard and custom automation equipment for plastic fuel tank system including Chip less Boring & Welding machine, Part assembly stations, Ultrasonic & Helium Leakage tester, Post Cooling machine and Deflashing machine. We are also dedicated to build Ultra Sonic welding equipment for interior & exterior parts. Semi conductor packaging is another field that we mastered. We are committed to manufacture top-notch handlers which complies with almost every packing mode.

    • PFT/PFFP Post Cooling Mold

    • PFT/PFFP Boring and Welding machine (full & semi automatic)

    • PFT Post Cooling Machine

    • PFT&PFFT Marriage machine (tank and filler pipe finishing welder)

    • PFT/PFFP Ultrasonic Leakage Tester (USLT)

    • PFT Helium Leakage Tester (HLT)

    • PFT/Urea tanks Automatic Robot Flexible Production line

    • PFT Assembly Line

    • PFT Robot welder with 3D camera system

    • Pump Assembly and Electrical Test Device

    • Car Interior and exterior parts laser/ultrasonic welder

    • PFT Rotary Test and Swaying Test Platform

    • PFT Shaking Test and Inspection Platform

  • Headquater Yuanwang Automation (YW) is our strong support located in China. Established in 2004 with headquarter in Shenzhen, YW has grown up with over 450 employees. The market share of the products made by YW has accounted for approximately 50% of the total in the fuel tank automation field in China. YW has entered global procurement system of a variety of multinational enterprises, providing equipment and services beyond customers’ expectations in US, India, Russia, Australia, Czech, Korea, Japan and Thailand. YuanWang automation has strong R&D capability, all technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and owns more than 10 patents. In 2009, the company was recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise". YW has applied for more than 100 utility and invention over 15 years.

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